Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sarah Berry: "Telephone Relics" has a big opening

The Sarah Berry: "Telephone Relics' exhibit had a big opening reception on Sat. Nov. 3rd at the Faneuil Library Art Gallery. It is the fifth exhibit at this location presented by Unbound Visual Arts.  At least 50 people came to the opening to enjoy the fine art photographs and a brunch reception (generously provided by the Faneuil Library).  The artist Sarah Berry was on hand to talk about the 18 photographs and the theme of "phoneless" telephone booths from all over the world. There was strong agreement that the exhibit told a convincing story about how telephone usage as changed and left these remaining "artifacts" that most of us walk right past on a daily basis.   The exhibit runs through Nov. 30 and has been recommended by both the Boston Globe and

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